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  1. 2016.10.27 OpenStack Summit 2016 Barcelona Presentation

OpenStack Summit 2016 Barcelona Presentation

Software Defined Network/Develop_SDN 2016.10.27 04:53

OpenStack #vBrownbag presentation

No more Network Node: OpenSON-Fully SDN based OpenStack Networking

In this talk, we present OpenSON, a fully SDN-based networking solution, which implements OpenStack networking on virtual switches in compute nodes without a network node. Network functions such as DHCP, SNAT, DNAT and L3 routing are typically executed on a network node in a traditional OpenStack environment. OpenSON, however, eliminates the dependency on the network node by implementing those functions as distributed flow rules on virtual switches in the compute nodes hosting relevant virtual machines. As a result, this approach supports better L3 scalability and high availability.

Moreover, the SDN-based networking approach enables to integrate the control of both overlay networks for virtual networking and underlying physical networks, which enhances the network visibility and facilitates the introduction of network applications such as network monitoring.

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